Friday, October 12, 2012

The start of HairFinity

Starting a new hair journey from the months of October to December to watch the health process of my hair. Im super excited and I've only herd great things about this product HAIRFINITY. There will be photos at the end of October to see process. In the photos above is my hair in twist and there pined down. This is a protective style I will be wearing till the month of December. It requires little mantince and it helps my hair  keep its moisture & there is less frizz.

HairFinity Hair Vitamins contain the basic nutrients for overall health. A healthy body is the ideal environment for healthy hair to thrive. This means that a good metabolism, and immune system are also key factors for growing healthy hair fast. They also contain specific nutrients that are essential for faster hair growth. For example, MSM lengthens the natural hair growth phase allowing greater lengths to be achieved. Biotin, another key ingredient, promotes cell growth, the production of fatty acids, metabolism of fats, and amino acids. These two ingredients in addition to the others (Folic Acid, Niacin, Silica, etc) are all essential for for maximizing hair growth. 

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