Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Natural Hair Obsession

     Our hair is apart of our beauty. I'm finally understanding our hair more and more. What it means to be natural and love your natural hair. I've been relaxed for most of my life until a year ago. And in the beginning it was hard manage my hair and I found it easy to keep it up in protective styles like senaglese twist. Because to be honest I was afraid of my hair and didn't know how to handle it. 
    Now I find myself wearing my hair out more and more and I'm exited to start my healthy hair journey.  The whole month of October I will start my first bottle of Hairfinity. Hairfinity is a hair supplement that help promotes longer, stronger, faster growing and healthier hair. I've only seen and heard phenomenal reviews about Hairfinity and I'm excited to start this journey. Come along with me on this journey. 

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