About PB.Vintage

Paige B.Vintage
 is not only a beauty based blog, it's a seacret get away to the world for me. Paige B.Vintage is where I can come and be a expresses as I please. It's a blog that's dedicated to all aspects of art, fashion, makeup artistry & photography. As creator of Paige. B Vintage I want all followers & readers to imagine and become inspired when they visit this site. I want what I think is beautiful to be expressed. I wanted a blog that has something for everyone to see & fall in love with. PaigeB.Vintage blog wants to share the love for creativity and originality with those who are just as passionate. It's fashion. It's Syle. It's what I can capture with a camera for the world to see. It's everything I love. It's everything that makes me who I am. Being unique doesn't mean your different it means your a piece of art that the world see's beautifully.

What Is Vintage Edge?
Vintage Edge is my label. My Style.Vintage is more of what my aesthetic is. Edge is what I'll always have. I love anything thats from the past. Anything that's vintage. Anything that's been here long before I have. Vintage things that can teach and tell you something. The edge is more of the modern & creative side to me and my perspective of art and creativity.

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