Makeup + Tips

Makeup and beauty related questions girls and women ask me daily... this is just specifically for you ladies and how I personally do my own makeup.

New to applying eyeshadow? 
When ever you start to apply your eye makeup, It's always a great idea to start off with an eyeshadow base/primmer. A eyeshadow base is going to prolong the wear of your eyeshadow through out the day.

All out of your favorite brow pencil?
Don't panic! what I like to do is to take my favorite (BROWN MATTE) e/s on a densely pack angled brush and fill my browns in with that, Until we can get our favorite brown pencil.

What's Your Favorite Foundation?
a: Daily  use/ Mac Studio Sculpt nw43
a: Spacial Occasions/ Makeup Forever HD

What's the best makeup brands?

I'm darker skin, (African American) How do I wear bright colors?
a:  It's all about CONFIDENCE.

How do you do your brows?
a: First I decide what shape I'd like to have. If your not sure look in beauty magazines and look at pictures of womens eye brows and look at there shape. After you picked your shape, What I do is I take a very light color eyeshadow (white) and on an angled e/s brush I draw my desired shape and then I take a razor & tweezers and I PLUCK what ever is outside the line of the white eyeshadow.

Then for the top of my brows I get lazy and instead of tweezers and or plucking I take my razor and shave downwards very slowly and carefully.

Last but not least I take my favorite brow pencil and fill my brows in as desired. You can fill them in to where there extremely dark, and or you can just lightly fill them in. I like strong bold brows. But it's always up to you. So I hope this answered that question and you Lady's have a better understanding on how I do my brows I'll add a picture tutorial Later...

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